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Mivita Minerals Concentrated pwd. 1 oz.

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Mivita Minerals™ powder 1 oz. bag. If put into Capsules it will fill apraoximantly 65 capsules ("00" size capsules).

Mivita Minerals™ powder is extremely concentrated. It is a multi-minerals extraction derived from a ntural seimentary deposit of organic origin. These minerals are in combination and balance as produced by nature in a natural state. They are naturally chelated, plant derived, trace minerals and elements. Mivita Minerals™ provide essential minerals and elements for literally thousands of important functions needed to maintain and improve health.

Mivita Minerals™  gives the mineral foundation needed for the assimilation of vitamins and other nutrients. 

Ladies have been using the Mivita Minerals™  powder as a douche with excellent results. Directions for this is as foolows: The powdered Mivita Minerals™  can be put into a capsule and inserted into the vagina just before going to bed. Because of the strength of the powder this is not recommended to do more than once a week. Most ladies do this capsule insertion once a month as a maintanace to stay healthy in that area. Once every two weeks if they have issues they are wanting to address and once a week or every 10 days if they have more sevier issues. The Mivita Minerals™ is to be used straight when using it as a douche in the vagina. Most ladies would start having discharge three or four days after inserting the Mivita Minerals™ powder capsule in the vagina, don't be alarmed at what the body eliminates. 

Mivita Minerals™ supples the body with the minerals needed to rebuild new healthy tissue and eliminate what is needed to be eliminated.

The Mivita Minerals™  powder should not be used in the rectum or bowel it is to strongMivita Minerals™ should always be deluted when using in the bowel.

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    this is a must!!

    Posted by Janee LeBaron on Jul 22nd 2019

    This product has really worked for me, let me tell you. I have gone through three pregnancies. My first two i suffered with bladder and yeast infections so bad it was hard to walk, not to mention my private life and how bad it was. After my first tow pregnancies once i decided i was ready for the next one i could not get pregnant. i had been trying for 4 years and no success, when one of my friends told me about this My Vita Mineral powder, that you put it in capsules and you douche, she's told me it would help me get pregnant. so i did it. i only used 5 capsules. Well the next month i was pregnant. I was so happy i cannot even tell you, OH! and thats not even the best part, through the entire pregnancy i did not deal with any yeast or bladder infections. I was not expecting that, right there that was a total bonus. This product has really changed my life, I still use this product to this day and i highly recommend it to all those that would like to take care of their female organs.