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Mivita Information & Usage

Mivita Information & Use

The Lynne Johnston Family has used and distributed Mivita Minerals and A to Z Minerals for over 40 years. Lynne Johnston, Ph. D., recommended these minerals to his patients and observed positive results with the use of these products. Following is information about the minerals and a list of some of the things we have used these minerals for.

The newest technology of extraction makes Mivita Minerals™ a superior complex for human consumption. It is naturally extracted with purified water and without the use of acids or damaging heat. The complex itself is totally water-soluble and stable even over long periods of storage. It provides essential minerals and elements for literally thousands of important functions needed to maintain and improve health. Mivita Minerals™ gives the mineral foundation needed for the assimilation of vitamins and other nutrients.

Mivita Minerals™ is a unique blend of smaller than colloidal, plant derived, organically complexed, naturally chelated, trace minerals and elements. It is a multi-minerals extraction derived from a naturalsedimentary deposit of organic origin. These minerals are in combination and balance as produced by nature in a natural state.

Mivita Minerals™ has been used for over 40 years. It is what may be the most complete trace mineral supplement available anywhere and is a unique and natural source of both macro and trace minerals in a completely organic, naturally chelated, smaller than colloidal form. Mivita Minerals™ supplies the body with smaller than colloidal minerals, which is necessary for better absorption, to promote healing and build resistance to infection. It is the right size to get into the cell. It can balance electrical-chemical needs both as a donor or an acceptor, according to cellular or organ needs.

Mivita Minerals™ is a natural electrolyte and may help to relieve toxic metal buildup by chelating toxic metals from cells and tissues of the body. It can dismantle or absorb toxins such as herbicides,pesticides, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, poison from insects and other environmental toxins. Mivita Minerals™ can help relieve oxygen deficiency, both by supplying oxygen from the complex, and as a respiratory catalyst improving the cells uptake and processing of oxygen.

Mivita Minerals™ can be used for humans, animals, and plants. Mivita Minerals™ does not require refrigeration.

Mivita Minerals™ Liquid and Cream Uses

Following are some of the ways Mivita Minerals™ can be used to improve your health:

As a mineral supplement: Adults take two tablespoons daily. Add one tablespoon of Mivita Mineral™ liquid to a cup of water or juice morning and evening or as otherwise directed. Children ½ the adult amount.

For the ears: Use an eyedropper and apply slightly warm Mivita Minerals™ liquid full strength directly in the ears. This is very soothing for ear aches.

For a sore throat: Using the Mivita Minerals™ straight, gargle and hold Mivita Minerals™ in the mouth as long as possible before swallowing or spitting it out which ever you prefer, this can be done several times a day. We also put the Mivita Minerals™ liquid in a spray bottle and spray the throat all throughout the day until the soreness is gone.

For toothache or abscess: Use the Mivita Liquid straight and hold it in your mouth covering the affected area as long as possible before spitting out. This can be done several times a day.

First aid uses: The Mivita Minerals™ liquid and cream have been used for the following external uses.

Abrasions Dermatitis Mosquito bites Spider bite
Acne Diaper rash Muscle soreness Sprains
Bee Stings Eczema Psoriasis Sunburns
Blisters Hemorrhoids Rashes Wasp stings
Bruises Hives Shingles Windburns
Burns Inflammation Skin problems Wounds
Cuts Infections Slivers

Mivita Minerals™ Cream can be applied liberally to areas of concern and covered with bandage or left to soak in. This can be done as often as necessary until healing is completed. Mivita Minerals™ Cream was formulated as a convenient way to keep Mivita on external conditions, and works great with our busy life styles.

Mivita Minerals™ Liquid has been used in numerous first aid conditions. For best results saturate a thin white cotton cloth with cold Mivita and apply directly to the area. It is necessary to keep the Mivita cold when using it for burns, sprains, swelling and inflammation. This helps draw the heat, swelling and inflammation out of the injured area, which allows faster healing. (Do not use an absorbent towel, wash cloth, or colored cloth). The cloth must be free of dyes. The best cloth is a thin white sheet or T-Shirt. For best results keep at least a 30 minute contact with the Mivita on the affected area. This can be done overnight and several times throughout the day. Sometimes it is necessary to cover the cloth with plastic wrap to keep the cloth moist for a longer period of time. Continue this process until the area is healed. You can also use Mivita cream for injuries that are hard to soak with the liquid.

As a douche: Use 1 to 3 oz. of straight Mivita Minerals™ liquid in a reusable douche syringe, while laying on a slant and hold it for 20 to 30 minutes. Continue douching between periods as long as necessary to clear the condition. Don’t be surprised at what the body eliminates. The powdered Mivita Minerals™ has been used in place of the liquid as a douche as well. Directions for this is as follows: The powdered Mivita Minerals™ can be put into capsules and inserted into the vagina just before going to bed. Because of the strength of the powder this is not necessary to do on a daily bases.

As an enema or colonic: Use 2oz. of Mivita Mineral™ liquid to a quart of water and hold as long as comfortable.

Animal use: Spray the Mivita Minerals™ on their food for internal use. External use apply directly to the affected area as often as necessary until healing takes place.

Plant and garden use: Very little is needed. Add to the soil or water to use.