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Additional Mineral Information

Mineral Research

Both the Mivita and A to Z Minerals are plant derived, naturally chelated, colloidal trace minerals.

Dr. Lynne B Johnston, Phd. has used and recommended the Mivita Minerals and the A to Z Minerals in his practice for over 40 years. He has recommended the Mivita Minerals for numerous conditions. He recommends taking it internally to build ones immune system, which helps to fight off sickness and disease, colds, flu, infection, and viruses. He recommended it to be used in the eyes, ears, nose and throat. Also in a douche, and enemas. Externally for all kinds of first-aid uses. Cuts, burns, rashes, bites and stings, sprains, and inflammation. Mivita being higher in the minerals that promote healing in these areas as well as the overall body. The A to Z Minerals are high in the minerals that are needed for healthy muscles, hair, nails, skin, nerves, joints and pancreas, as well as building the over all health of the body. Because these minerals target a different area in the body Dr. Johnston has recommended taking both for good health. 

What Doctors and Research Say About Minerals
When we talk about minerals, we are referring to minerals that are in trace amounts in parts per million and are colloidal or in a form available to the body to be transformed and utilized by the digestive system and contain the 28 minerals known to be essential for good health plus those that are suspected of being of importance. We are specifically referring to a single source which contains all of the above referenced trace minerals.

Dr. Edell states, “If you’re going to take minerals, I would rather you take one of those products that contain all of them in the various proportions that they come in naturally... For this simple reason. You cannot take one mineral to any degree of dosage that would not influence another mineral that is in balance with it. The classic example would be things like Zinc. If you take a lot of Zinc, you’re going to depress your Copper level, and you may induce Copper deficiency. Phosphorus, Calcium and Magnesium have strange relationships. I think it is dangerous to take a lot of one mineral.”

The following excerpt is an excellent scientific explanation of the importance of Silicon Dioxide and trace minerals in the diet.
For many years reports have come from various parts of the world extolling the health and longevity of its people. Three of these areas were discussed in the National Geographic Magazine, Volume 143, No. 1, January 1973, on page 93-118. The first in Russia, called Abkhazia, an autonomous republic in the Georgian S.S.R., situated at an elevation of about 4,000 feet in the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains. The second is in the Hunza Valley in the Karakoram Range of the Himalaya Mountains, at an elevation of 8,000 feet, a part of Pakistani-controlled Kashmir. The third is in Ecuador, at an elevation of 6,000 feet in the Andes Mountains, called Vilcabamba.

These people have been visited and carefully investigated and there is no doubt that there are many of them living to 100 years and older-some to 110 and still working. Evaluations of their diet and their genetic pattern does not show a clear-cut pattern that would indicate the reason for their good health, longevity, and absence of cancer.

Each of these villages have rivers flowing through them that wash minerals from the high mountain ranges surrounding them into the valleys where these people live. This water carries mineral elements dissolved from the rocks and is used to water the crops and flocks, and is also used as drinking water for the community. It is reported by Tobe, Editor of Provoker Magazine, who visited the Hunza Valley, that the water served on the table from the river had a ground-glass appearance, indication its suspended sediment. The Hunzas avoid the crystal clear spring water and drink the water from the river. The same is true of the other two villages. The people live close to the land and consume particles of dirt attached to the vegetables and other food they eat. This, plus the water, gives them an excellent supply of mineral elements from the are, which are fortuitously balanced.

It is from these mineral elements that these people gain their supply of trace elements and iodine, as well as their supply of Vitamin C and lost their high degree of metabolic excellence.

This statement is made in Prof. Louis C Kervran’s book titled Biological Transmutations.


Calcium can also be made from Si or silicon:  Si + C = Ca, or silicon plus carbon equals calcium.  That silica changes into limestone, which is high in calcium, has been known since antiquity.  Horsetail, an herb rich in silica has been used for re-calcification.  It also helps heal tuberculosis by re-calcifying the lung caverns.  Spectacular results have been seen in repairing broken bones with the use of organic silica.  A chick just hatched has a skeleton of bones made of calcium although there is insufficient calcium in the egg to produce those bones.  There is, however, a lot of silica in the membranes that produce the egg.  It has never been proved that calcium migrates from the shell to the chick.